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This is Aito. The innovation of three brothers from Finland, who wanted to create something fresh, tasty and healthy to eat, drink and cook with from the Nordic superfood oat. Our products are all about love for the pure Nordic nature and its fantastic ingredients, with a delicious, soft and natural taste.

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Aito Oat Drink

Aito brings the soft, natural taste of oats to drinks, snacks and cooking products. You want Nordic nature at its best? Try our Aito Oat Drink, made out of 100 % Nordic oats, considered the highest quality oats in the whole world! Splash it on cereals, add it to coffee, whizz it into a smoothie or simply chill and pour it into a glass.

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Snowboarder, Olympic medalist


Kaslink Aito is a product family that fits everyone’s tastes and fulfils your dairy product needs. Kaslink Aito products are suitable for various types of cooking and baking.

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